Camp Lockett
Forrest Gate Road. Campo, CA 92040
Thomas Bros: 430-B-10

Length of Trail: Over 2,000 miles along the Pacific Crest Trail. Varied terrain from sandy desert, to hilly rocky trail, across water and railroad lines. Amazing views.

Staging Area: The staging area is located off Forrest Gate Road a mile or so after Highway 92, just past Castle Rock Ranch. There is parking for several trailers. There are no corrals. There will be primitive camping sites and RV hook ups. There are water troughs available. There are picnic tables and shade from large oak trees.

Camp Lockett’s Facebook page: Camp Lockett on Facebook

The staging area and campground are open to organized groups. Call (619) 434-2481 to confirm availability and whether the facility is open to individual riders.

Trail Conditions: You have your choice of trails here. You can follow the sandy fire roads to the Mexico border and then follow the trail to Tecate to the west and also to the east. The Southern Terminus of the Pacific Crest Trail is a mile or so from the staging area and is well marked. Follow the Pacific Crest Trail as far north as you want – to Canada? The trail is easy in parts, rocky and hilly in others. You cross a bridge over a stream, Highway 94 and the railroad line all in the first five miles or so. Lake Morena is 20 miles away.

Trail Users: The trail is open to hikers and horseback riders.

Trail Conditions: Trail conditions along the Pacific Crest Trail vary from easy to quite challenging.