4945 Heise Park Road
Julian, CA 92036
ThomBros: 1156-D5

Length of Trail: About 5 miles one way. The trail originally went from William Heise Park in the North to Lake Cuyamaca in the South, but the trail has not been maintained at the southern end.

Staging Area: The staging area is located at the William Heise Park. There is parking area for several trailers on the west side of the park. Horses are not allowed in the park or on the park trails. There is a hitching post, but no corrals. There are bathroom facilities in the park.

Directions: From junction of Highway 79 and Pine Hills road (1 mile west of the town of Julian), head 2 miles south on Pine Hills Rd to Frisius Road, then head east for 2 miles.

Trail Conditions: The Kelly Ditch trail is a well marked trail from William Heise Park, with good footing. It passes through hills and wooded areas as it heads south to Lake Cuyamaca. Trail Descriptions.

Trail Users: The trail is open to hikers and horseback riders.

General Trail Info: Day use: 9:30 am to 5 pm, extended to sunset on weekends. It is not permitted to bring horses when camping. From San Diego County website: Situated 4,200 feet above sea level in a forest of pines and oaks, along the northern extremity of the Laguna Mountain Range, one of the few county parks to get snowfall each year…. The more than 900 acres within its boundaries have changed little in the last century. Forests of oak, pine and cedar surround peaceful mountain areas and provide an undisturbed setting for miles of scenic hiking and equestrian trails. Mule deer are frequently seen throughout the park; rarer residents include bobcats and mountain lions. Though its forest may seem timeless, each season brings dramatic changes, from winter snowfall to spring wildflowers, there is always something new to see at Heise.